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Home Insurance

Although we can't intercept floods, windstorms or fires, we can provide the homeowner's insurance that covers your home, contents and personal liability. Whether you are living in your starter home or your forever home, your homeowner's policy will be the blanket that covers you, so you can sleep peacefully.

The weather in Georgia is not always peachy keen. Tornadoes, severe storms, wildfires, and floods regularly show their face and can cause unforeseen damages to your home and property. Flood protection is not covered under your home insurance policy, but can be obtained from an additional policy.

Your homeowner's policy will cover losses to property damage, costs for temporary housing (should your home be uninhabitable), damage to the contents of your home (including personal belongings) and personal liability.

Having enough self-protection coverage in your homeowner's policy is important. This coverage will pay liability amounts from lawsuits pertaining to any incidences that may occur on your property.

We will ensure your housing lender requirements are met. Housing lenders require your homeowner's insurance policy to cover the amount of your mortgage.

It is in your best interest to keep an accurate inventory of the contents of your home. Be certain to update your records with any new items. You may want to purchase special contents coverage if you own high-end items or rare collections.

Life is full of unexpected events when you contact us, we will provide you with the security a homeowners insurance policy brings.

What’s Important when choosing a homeowner insurance policy?

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